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The strategy on how to do it and provide measurable ROI results is what sets our SEO agency apart from others. We create search engine optimization marketing campaigns designed to rank your company website on the first page of Google for keywords that are most likely to cause a conversion action during a part of your customer journey. Build online brand authority through topic content strategies. Content audits: we’ll find what content is performing and underperforming. Research – A clear understanding of how and what to strategically target before the first word of a SEO content in your campaign is written. Research includes business related keywords, topics, the industry in general and the client’s history specifically, and their online and offline competition.

Smaller Projects Campaigns 100 Keywords PPC and SEO – Strategy These 100 Keywords can be broken down and repurposed in several ways. Can be a mixture of keywords and phrases or you can choose to add topics and answer searchable questions about the how’s and why ‘s of different things answered on the internet. SEO Campaign Strategy 40-55 hours PPC Campaign Strategy 40-55 hours Special for both 70 hours. There are many similarities between the two. SEO Campaign Implantation 50-75 hours PPC Campaign Implantation 50-75 hours Not many implementation similarities between the two. SEO and PPC are on opposite sides of the digital marketing spectrum. Most commercially viable keywords report. 20 Hours These are the keywords that generate the highest value per visitor. You can use this list for both PPC and SEO keywords, phrases and topics. Content generation ideas as well.