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26 Years of Digital Marketing Consulting - SEO and PPC ROI. It's a new day and a new strategy, lets get started.

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Maximize Organic Web Traffic and Conversions

My SEO goal is to have your company rank organically for the keywords that have the greatest volume and the highest value per web visit.

When I build search marketing campaigns.
I build campaigns focused on commercially viable keywords and phrases.

Marketing ROI Metrics, Strategy and Tactics.

SEO campaigns, Strategy and Tactics.
Content creation and brand awareness campaigns.
ROI estimations

Paid Search Marketing Strategy and Tactics.

What is SEO?

SEO is more than “just” words.
SEO is understanding who your audience is.
It’s about building trust, building content around answering questions and solving problems.
This question answering content is a form of online customer service.
You can do this because you know who your audience is.
You craft your website in such a way that it will touch on popular topics.
An SEO will find other media outlets for important content, backlinks.

Getting Organic Search Engine Traffic

One of the best ways to get traffic to your website is to have a successful coverage of a variety of searched topics. You, my partner client can be at least assured that there are people making internet searches around your content topics. You are building authority and trust.
Now all we have to do is to rank it for the various keywords among topics.

Selecting Keywords
An SEO will know and use a keyword matrix for popular search terms.
This SEO stuff can be “the long way around the barn” to get the client to the ultimate goal of ranking for commercially viable keywords in organic search.

What are commercially viable keywords?

Keywords that have a strong probability to convert into a measurable conversion action.
You can assign a dollar value to organic search by using the data from an advertising platform you are probably currently using, formerly named GOOGLE ADWORDS. I guess they wanted to rank number 1 for the word “Ad”. Good to have a monopoly on results.

An Example of a commercially viable keyword.
I live in Phoenix. It's 110 degrees hot in the shade. My AC just broke. What am I going to search for minimally online mobile or desktop? “AC Repair” a good keyword to target in the organic.
If your business is using paid search and wants to get 100% of all impressions for the phrase AC repair.

Budget for PPC
What does that daily budget look like for just that single keyword? It could be 100's, maybe 1000’s depending on the city and time of year. For a single keyword and that PPC charge is each and everyday. Unlike PPC your campaign budget doesn’t run out in the middle of day. Ouch!

Dozens of keywords
Most companies have dozens of commercially viable keywords and I use Ads Keyword tool to give me an idea of what value that keyword has when compared to a cost per click. This will give you the dollar value of your organic results and help to determine finalized ROI on your SEO services. Thus proving SEO has a very strong monetary value to any business no matter what size or location.


SEO is search engine manipulation for sure. We manipulate content for a specific benefit.
SEO is a ZERO sum game and you're fighting for space with the owner (G) and still need to knock someone down so you can take a spot. That’s ranking and SEO.

I know and practice this.

We combine SEO with PPC, Video and Social Media for a digital marketing strategy that Maximizes ROI.


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