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Hi! My Name is Bill Scott and I am a full stack internet marketer and have successfully competed in many business vertices B2B and B2C, literally from Attorneys to Zoos.

Packages! people want packages 

We don’t really have packages.

Every business is unique and requires a tailormade plan. 

I don’t do cookie cutter.


One thing that is pretty common is the amount of time and research

Because we are taking a deep dive into your digital marketing goals.

What Is SEO?
The term SEO was accepted as a replacement term for getting a website to the first page of search engines for relevant goal specific keywords.
SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization.
SEO is a term associated with digital marketing.
SEO was the first popular digital marketing service. (paid search was not invented yet).
SEO can be measured as organic web traffic.
SEO is generally accepted as having one of the best returns on advertising budgets.

How can a proper SEO campaign Increase Both Branding and Sales?

SEO is understanding who your audience is.
This is why research plays a big part in SEO.
It’s about building brand awareness while building trust.
SEO and the use of content marketing centered around answering questions and solving problems.